What is water exercise anyway ?

The Aerobic exercise, the fitness queen of the 80s left many orthopedic disorders and lead to the birth of the Aquatic exercise: the perfect way to improve Cardio respiratory System, Flexibility, Muscular strength and endurance, body composition and more.

Aquatic exercise can involve the upper and lower extremities through optimal ranges of motion while minimizing joint stress.

The water environment allows high levels of energy expenditure with relatively little strain to the body

Almost everyone, (No need for swimming skills) Including athletes and regular people looking for a safe workout to practice and improve fitness levels, can practice aquatic exercise.

  • soft tissue injuries
  • low bone density
  • obesity
  • CVA (cardio vascular accident- better known as a stroke)
  • elderly
  • And many more…

Main advantages of Aquatic exercise:

It is fun!

The great atmosphere, the specially edited music, the water and its unique effect no the body and soul, the group of people sharing the same experience; make it all a fun exercise to all.

  • Lower cardiac cost:

    Cardio respiratory endurance is easily sustained in the water and for this reason more demanding exercise can be achieved with lower cardiac costs.

  • Enhances flexibility:

    Flexibility can be enhanced because the muscles are able to work through a greater range of motion when supported by the water.

  • Better Muscular strength and Endurance:

    Muscular strength is increased when muscles are worked against water resistance which is 12 times more difficult than on land.

  • Better body composition:

    Body composition is enhanced due to the fat burning effect of the cardio respiratory segment and lean tissue increased due to muscle output against the water resistance. This is an important advantage for overweight individuals who are able to exercise with greater freedom of movement, with less stress on their joints.

  • General well Being:

    Water provides psychological benefits for those using it as a training environment or as a means of improving general fitness, and relaxation.