DVD – AQUATIC Frisbee Challenge


its time to surprise the coaches with the FRISBEE

DVD Price is $20 + $12 shipment, total $32


What will you learn on this DVD

  • Training on Cardio
  • Training on flexibility
  • Strength and balance
  • The core muscles
  • and more!

Examples on the DVD to:

  • Upper body exercises
  • Lower body exercises
  • The core muscles exercises
  • Exercises in pairs

This is an opportunity to diversify and complement with colorful and original accessory challenge! 

Use the Frisbee to enrich the aqua lessons, strengthening and toning the body and maintaining physical fitness.

LINDA HUEY global water exercise guru writes:

LINDA HUEYJust watched Mushi Harush 's video, "Aquatic Frisbee Challenge," and was WOW'd by it! Totally brilliant! Can't wait to try some of those moves and show her workout to my own instructors. The underwater photography is brilliant as is the entire program. I had never thought of using a frisbee for such a total body workout. Really incredible workout and production of a beautiful DVD, Mushi!

water exercise guru from Israel – Mushi Harush


Chairman of the Israeli Aquatic Exercise Center. She holds an MA from the University of Haifa and Wingate College. Trains running boards Aquatic solely by the AEA.

Won the award for its contribution to the global movement of water gymnastics, 2005.

Moshi serves as a lecturer in Israel and abroad.

*Throughout the 35-minute DVD includes safety guidelines for working with Frisbee and other recommendations

Price: $20 + $12 shipmentח

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